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Make sense, not articles

Goodpoint is a tool to help you communicate ideas more persuasively, to many people. It’s based on four years of academic research in the fields of cognitive science, philosophy, linguistics, and social psychology. On other platforms, content is presented in a long column of paragraphs, leaving the reader to sort out the logic. But on Goodpoint, writers organize content in easy-to-read outlines, placing reasons precisely where they belong. The result is a marketplace for intelligence. Use Goodpoint to present views that are too important to be unfairly attacked or misunderstood, and to explain yourself with a precision that has not been possible before. On Goodpoint, your posts have the conversation for you.


Editor Features

Emphasize the Rationale of Your Posts

In Goodpoint's editor, writers create new ideas in an outline, similar to bullet points in a traditional document. However, our unique difference is that the writer indents whenever they have logical support to include. The benefit is that the intelligence of your content is exposed, and its superiority over alternative, less reasoned viewpoints is made clear.

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Separate Fact from Opinion, Literally

One of the greatest harms to good writing is the attacks over which facts are true, and the separation of those statements from opinion. On Goodpoint, writers declare whether each section of a post is factual or opinionated. The editor allows for sources to be included with facts. It also requires writers to tag every factual section with their “way of thinking” from a short list of choices. This is proven to help readers agree with facts more confidently. On Goodpoint, writers are rewarded for being careful with their facts. Moreover, writers achieve more agreement with their opinions because readers recognize when a personal viewpoint is being shared.

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Leverage Other Writers' Ideas

Goodpoint was designed from the ground up around the concept of shared intelligence. The magic of writing in outlines is that sections of one post can be reused within any other. This is not a hyperlink, but rather the seamless inclusion of highly curated work from a different post. It will not appear out of place to the reader, and it will still make sense. This has multiple benefits. First, posts have an indefinite lifespan, which continues to reward the writer for their work. Second, the writer that leverages pre-existing work saves dozens-if-not-hundreds of hours by utilizing fully developed work. On Goodpoint, the inefficiency of writers overlapping one another to say the same thing is a thing of the past.


Reader Engagement

While other social networks encourage influence by rewarding looks, fitness, comedy or other superficial themes, our network allows writers to develop “intelligent influence.” By emphasizing the merits of ideas and the persuasiveness of posts, making sense becomes the goal. This means writers can focus solely on the quality of their viewpoint and then be rewarded for it.

Establish Thought Leadership
Personalized Based on Sense

For the first time, users’ feeds are based on the overlapping intelligence of posts they have already agreed with. Whether it is an alternative view or a similar one, users can see the extent that a new post includes information they have already evaluated, creating a smart article experience. This complements the traditional features of knowing who in your network aligns with content you’re seeing, combining the power of your social circle with the architecture of an intelligent platform.


On Goodpoint, writing and agreeing with ideas automatically creates a user’s “digital mind.” The platform then informs users how much they agree with others through a “mind alignment” percentage. As a result, readers and writers can have deeper insights into who they’re interacting with online.

Intelligent Socializing
Precise Reader Feedback

Readers can decide which ideas they agree with, section-by-section. This provides writers with more precise feedback than ever before. It also lets writers use high-consensus sections again as support for future posts. The platform then notifies aligned readers that a new post has been created that might intrigue them.


Goodpoint doesn’t permit comments for readers, removing the negativity and counterproductive dialogue pervasive elsewhere on the web. If a user doesn’t agree with your view, they can try to post something better, leading to a more intelligent competition for consensus.

Free Your Writing From Trolls

Consensus Engine

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Exponential distribution

At its core, Goodpoint is a belief network. That means, when a reader agrees with your post, they become a “speaker” of it to their network – they start representing your post to their friends. This is how consensus happens naturally in the offline world. Goodpoint recreates that phenomenon online for the first time. Readers automatically share ideas to their Goodpoint network each time they click Agree. When someone agrees with you on Goodpoint, they begin explaining it on your behalf.

Grounded Thinking.gif
Grounded thinking

It may seem frustrating that people don’t always agree on the facts. Science provides a simple reason for this: people use different methods for confirming what is true. On Goodpoint, your facts must be tagged with a “way of thinking.” This connects ideas with how people make sense of the world. It also allows writers to show their perspective more clearly. Goodpoint helps writers present the truth more effectively.

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Shared audiences

With Goodpoint's idea reusability feature, the power of “evergreen” ideas is finally unleashed. Reusing another writer’s idea brings along its audience, notifying them about the new, potentially interesting post. As a result, a writer does less work, gets highly developed content, and has a head start on developing consensus.


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How to Work With Us

Who you are

As Goodpoint is in the Public Beta phase, we are looking for an initial group of 5 to 10 writers. 


Ideally, you have ample writing experience creating high-quality content in mass-market subject areas.

Your views don’t need to be popular to be welcome on Goodpoint. Controversial, unpopular, novel, or fringe ones (properly supported) are appreciated as long as long as they do not contain "hate speech".

What you do

We are offering you a $200 gift card to work take an existing article of yours, convert it into the Goodpoint structure, and share the result to one of your social media accounts. Of course, you are always in control at each step whether or not to continue.

If you're interested please fill out the form below to request access to our editor and become one of the founding writers on Goodpoint.

What we do

We will make our top-tier team of PhDs, journalists, and executive team members available to support you as you create your first pieces of content.


We continue to update our Writer's Guide that provides instruction and best practices for using our editor.


Finally, we will feature your published article on Goodpoint's feed as well as our social channels.

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