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There’s a path to a world that makes more sense 


                                   is the world’s first argument sharing network.

It uses patented "argument graph" technology to digitize and share arguments.


The Sense of Argument
That We Mean

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A reasoned Viewpoint

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Not This

People Disagreeing

Will Humans Ever Solve The Problem?
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The 2-step problem of consensus and coordination

The Problem Is Easy To Understand but Almost Impossible To Solve

We have a huge, almost existential problem that is so simple to summarize but where the solution is incredibly elusive.

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Trying to Make Sense on Platforms Designed to Entertain Is Hopeless

If you’re trying to create intelligence on social media, you’re being bamboozled.

The “entertainment architecture”

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There's a Simple Way To Identify Platforms Designed for Intelligence

A platform built for intelligent content will always surface the latest, best version of a particular subject matter.

The “intelligence architecture”

Digitizing Arguments Unleashes Unbelievable Power
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Ideas work like LEGO® bricks

Humans reuse the same ideas over and over to support different arguments. Digitized argument works that way too.

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Each agreement is an accrual of an asset

When someone agrees with an idea, that alignment often continues as long as the statement is valid, which can be indefinitely.

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You have all the time you need to drive consensus

Because agreement can be timeless, you have an unlimited time window to keep increasing the number of people who agree with your viewpoint.

See the power of digitized argument

Capture the Support That's Out There
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You Have So Much More Support Than You’re Aware Of

Your impact will be much more effective with a consensus tool.

You can essentially divide the world into these three groups for any view that you’re promoting

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Use our resources to create your content

Work with our team to put your ideas on the Goodpoint argument graph.

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