About us

Mission Statement

To help people make more sense, individually and together

Brand Story

From the inception of the Internet, there was an unfulfilled promise of collective intelligence. Access to all the minds of the world: the arguments, the reasoning, the viewpoints. An invaluable world wide web. Instead, we are flooded with an abundance of unsupported opinions and unseen biases. At best, these unreasonably vocal opinions fog your thinking and prevent you from drawing your own conclusions. At worst, these assumptions mislead you with hidden agendas. What if these flaws were overcome and the promise of collective intelligence was realized? What if social media offered digital access to all the great minds of the world, including yours?


This is the premise behind the new social intelligence platform, Goodpoint. An online community where you can think sensibly, share intelligently and learn deeply on any topic that you wish. It’s not just social media, it’s Social Intelligence™. From deciding how you feel about global issues to rethinking your problem-solving approach to discovering new perspectives on your relationships, Goodpoint is intended for everyone as a digital expansion of your mind. Begin by storing your arguments and their underlying reasons, and then choose whom to share those with. Connect to others with a similar mindset, learn their thoughts, and from that evolve your own arguments and create more interesting viewpoints.


Unlike social networking sites that are repositories of unorganized opinions, Goodpoint is an intelligent platform, designed to improve the way we form decisions by separating sense from nonsense. Goodpoint requires that users identify when they are stating a fact versus sharing an opinion. And it doesn’t allow opinions to support facts. These rules mimic our natural thought process while giving readers greater transparency.


What is the value of this format? By diving deeper into any given argument, you can see the rationale behind it. As you review others' arguments, you can use their reasons to support your views. For any given argument, you can view its popularity and determine its strength. This helps you separate sound thinking from arbitrary views.


Of course, you cannot have Social Intelligence™ without the social aspect. By searching for the subjects and views that interest you most, you gain exposure to a network of minds who are developing similar and alternative views to yours, helping you identify users you find insightful. Connect with any interesting user to further your own understanding and to broaden your subject matter expertise. Evolve your own arguments, draw new conclusions, and share them with those you care about.

As the Goodpoint community grows, your access to this wealth of knowledge grows exponentially. You can further your own understanding of topics and trace the reasoning behind specific viewpoints. Share your thinking with the world and gain support as other minds expand upon your arguments. Understand how and why your friends agree with what they do, and in the course of understanding, gain greater awareness of your own thought process. Join Goodpoint and expand your digital mind today.

The Team

The Goodpoint team is comprised of approximately 20 full-time and contract artists, engineers, scientists, writers, and researchers with backgrounds in software, finance, and the humanities. 

Based in New York, New York, Goodpoint is owned by Icarus Lived Inc., a privately funded U.S. corporation. Goodpoint is a non-partisan, neutral platform meant for a mass-market audience to better understand the world.

You can view a few of the individuals by visiting Goodpoint's AngelList profile or LinkedIn page