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Goodpoint is the world’s first argument-sharing platform. It’s based on the premise that arguments should be perfected by a few writers and then transferrable to an unlimited number of people with the click of a button, specifically the “Agree” button. We believe everyone should have access to this tool, and we're seeking individuals to help us post sensible arguments. 


Through our "Claim an Argument" program, we prepare arguments based on interesting views that we see gaining momentum online. The example below is an argument for why President Biden’s re-entry into the Paris Agreement does not help frontline communities enough. Please see our draft outline below. It uses our patent-pending Reasoning Editor, which we'd like to give you access to.


If you align with this argument, our product team will work with you to finalize it—you would then become its writer, with editorial control. And if you publish it to at least 2,500 of your followers, we will send you a $200 Amazon Gift Card or make a $200 donation to an organization of your choosing.

If you qualify, please submit your information in the form below. We will be choosing someone soon. Once this post has been adopted, we will update this page—so please keep an eye on it for future arguments to claim.

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