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We’re seeking 3 influencers to promote a post about cancel culture!

Goodpoint is the world’s first and only reasoning sharing network. It allows writers to digitize views and then transfer them to an unlimited audience.

What is this marketing campaign for?

We are drawing attention to the problem of views getting fragmented online and also becoming irrelevant quickly. We want the audience to realize that cause/advocacy efforts are undermined by this problem. In other words, many of us are effectively “shouting into the void,” hoping that enough of us will yell within a short enough period to get results, which of course mostly fails. If our efforts were harnessed more efficiently, such as with Goodpoint’s reasoning sharing network, the impact we’re making could be 100x greater.

Who are you?

We are seeking influential people who care about social issues—people who post about them to their audience regularly. The minimum number of followers needed is 5,000, but the engagement rate is also very important because there is a “story arc” for the posts (further explained below). Therefore, the audience will need to be engaged enough to follow along and cooperate with the influencer’s request to try the new technology.

What are you promoting?

You would help us increase agreements on a Goodpoint view in favor of cancel culture, helping prove our "Growing Circle" concept (further explained in the About Goodpoint section below).

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What is the engagement?
  • You would participate in an initial, 15-minute screening call to evaluate whether the campaign is a good fit for both sides

  • Upon acceptance, there will be 1 or 2 paid planning meetings (virtually) to develop a series of 3–5 posts, creating a journey for the audience to:

  • See the importance of consolidating a viewpoint that multiple people share into one post and making it last—people can make their impact on the world's biggest problems 100x greater this way

  • Ask the audience to evaluate the influencer’s recently “adopted” cancel culture viewpoint

  • Ask the audience to click that they agree with the post (or even better, agree with all of its reasons, too)

  • Ask the audience to try and use the "persuade" feature to get their audience to also agree on the usefulness of cancel culture

  • You would click "agree with all" on this post also, which would show your audience that it is a view you personally have (assuming you do)

What's in it for you?

After the screening call, compensation of $250–500 for up to two, 60-minute virtual meetings (and any related back-and-forth messages) to “storyboard” (with our help) the series of posts that will achieve the campaign's goals. The specific amount of payment within this range will be based on your follower count and audience engagement.

If the concept is approved, compensation of $150–$750 per post for 3–5 posts. The specific amount of payment within this range will similarly be based on your follower count and audience engagement.

How many followers do you have on your primary social media account?
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About Goodpoint

Goodpoint is a technology innovation for making a 100x greater impact on the world's biggest problems. Goodpoint uses patented “argument graph” technology to help people consolidate their views and make them last indefinitely. At Goodpoint, we call this “digitized argument.” We believe this technology addresses the fragmenting and decay that people's views experience online currently, which we also believe is the reason the world’s biggest problems are not getting solved faster.

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