The Architecture for Intelligence Is Different
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How can you identify an “intelligence architecture”? Simple! A platform built for intelligent content will always surface the latest, best version of a particular subject matter. The very essence of the design will motivate writers to refine their posts endlessly, making the information clearer and smarter. This is essentially the opposite of social media.

The “intelligence architecture”

The best example by far of an intelligence driven platform today is Wikipedia. You may not know this, but Wikipedia pages are updated all the time. Not sure? Go to any remotely popular page and click the “View history” tab. You will probably see a half dozen revisions within the past few weeks, and that is true for pages that were started literally years if not decades ago! Notice how Wikipedia does not try to kill pages to “entertain” you with something fresh but rather, only cares about providing you with the latest, best version of each post (page).

So, how are you currently addressing this problem? Your only option is your own website. Notice how that is where you always surface the latest, best version of what you have to say, regardless of how “old” it is? But the problem is, there are tens of thousands of organizations’ sites, so your collective good ideas are fragmented across them all.

Consumers obviously cannot evaluate so many platforms, and consensus around good ideas is stymied. Consumers are forced to pick a few “favorites,” despite the possibility that they actually align with dozens—if not hundreds—of programs. Organizations, meanwhile, are stuck trying to cannibalize one another’s audiences, instead of organizing their ideas around a central hub and leveraging one another’s supporters. This is where Goodpoint comes in.

Want to see a simple summary of the world’s biggest problem?
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The 2-step problem of consensus and coordination

The Problem Is Easy to Understand but Almost Impossible to Solve

There is a huge, almost existential problem that is so simple to summarize but where the solution is incredibly elusive.