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When people agree with a specific idea, that alignment often continues as long as the statement is valid, which can be indefinitely.

Let’s be honest, “likes” are cheap. Agreement on the other hand is substantive. An agreement on Goodpoint is an accrual of an asset—you’re building something. Each person who agrees is someone who you know believes the idea, and they believe it indefinitely. If you look at an argument from months ago or even a year ago, you can see that the users who believed it are probably just as passionate about it now as they were then.

That’s not true for “likes.” If you ask someone to stand behind what they liked a month ago, they probably won’t even understand what you mean. “Likes” are, by design, superficial and meant to have the lowest possible threshold of getting the user to click—they’re the very essence of quantity over quality.

Everyone can present agreement.

By capturing agreement, Goodpoint gives you all the time you need to drive consensus. You can keep increasing the number of people who agree with your argument over as long as you want. If there’s an opportunity to draw attention to it 3 months or even 3 years after it was originally posted, you can do that just as effectively as when you first published it—new users will be just as likely to agree with it as when it were new.

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Even though this user agreed with this viewpoint many months ago, they are likely to be just as passionate about it today.

Why? Because a good idea makes sense to people for as long as it’s valid, and that can be a very long time. That’s entirely different than, for example, Twitter. Posting a Tweet is like buying flowers. It might look great initially but is essentially dead in about 10 days.

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