You Have So Much More Support Than You’re Aware Of
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Have you ever wondered how many people share your views, realizing that you’re capturing only a fraction of that? In other words, there’re countless people who have independently come to many of the same conclusions as you, but that agreement is unsynchronized and unregistered.

You can essentially divide the world into these three groups for any view that you’re promoting.

For example, you might be at a cocktail party explaining your view. Inevitably, someone will mention that they agree with you. Then, that person goes to get a donut somewhere or whatever, you go get an Uber home, and that consensus disappears “into the ether.” This will happen repeatedly and in innumerable different ways: in coffee shops, between co-workers during break, during dinner conversations, and the list goes on. Yet, that consensus is the power you’re trying to harness. If that agreement could be registered—captured somehow—imagine the possibilities. The world would be a different place.

And, think of the huge audience that exists. First, there’s folks who you literally wouldn’t need to persuade—they already thought about your argument independently and came to the same conclusion. Indeed, they might be just as passionate about it as you are. You “had them at hello,” basically.

Then, there's those who could be persuaded of your view if they were simply given a thoughtful presentation of it and a way for their agreement to be captured.

In short, there are important—if not critical—issues in the world, but addressing them poses a challenge. The first step is getting consensus on the best ideas that address an issue.

So, the major issue is a tool for people to register their beliefs and keep a running count of who aligns with what. In other words, it’s a synchronization and registration problem. At different times, countless people come across your issue, emphatically feel the same was as you, and then have no choice but to move on to whatever is next in their lives.

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You could be way more effective with a consensus tool.